Responding to NC’s Opioid Epidemic:

Pilot for PAs and NPs providing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

The Governor’s Institute (GI) and NC DHHS have partnered to conduct a one-year pilot program focused on expanding the pool of MAT providers. The pilot will enable qualified Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to prescribe buprenorphine even if their supervising physician is not waivered. 

Physicians who supervise PAs or NPs waivered to treat patients for opioid use disorder, but who have themselves not completed all steps to qualify for their buprenorphine waiver, can join this pilot program. The GI and NC Society of Addiction Medicine will connect participants with resources and experienced buprenorphine mentors at no cost to participants.

Waivered PAs and NPs and their supervising non-waivered physicians may join this pilot if:

  1. The physician has authority to prescribe Schedule III controlled substances
  2. The physician has taken an 8-hour training on medication-assisted treatment (MAT), i.e., the physician must be eligible to apply for a waiver even if the physician does not actually apply
  3. The PA or NP has completed training and has a DATA waiver

All mentoring and training are free resources offered to participants in the pilot program.
In one year, GI and NC DHHS will report data on the pilot to the NC Medical Board.


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